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MightyTips wants to keep gambling as it should be – fun, enjoyable, and most importantly – stress-free. Responsible gambling is the best way to enjoying yourself while betting. Here is the list of the best tips you can use to ensure that you are having a great time without being stressed and worried. They will help you have control over your betting activities and gamble responsibly. If you think someone you know and care about has a problem with gambling and needs to hear these tips share with them too.

Tips for responsible gambling

Use spare money for gambling – Never use the money you need for important things such as rent, bills, or the money you need to buy food. Instead use the money you could spend on going out with friends, seeing a new movie at the cinema or buying something for joy. You will not be scared to lose this money and will enjoy stress-free gambling more.

Set the money limit for gambling – Make up your mind how much you can afford to spend on gambling in a certain period of time. Stop gambling once you reach your limit and do not take additional money from your wallet that is needed for other things.

Do not gamble for making money – Making money with your bets is a great feeling, we all have the same excitement when we win money. But gambling is gambling for the reason, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. It should be done all for the sake of fun and joy. Winning money should never be the reason you gamble.

If you lost money, take it easy – Losing money is part of gambling, do not try to make up for the loss. If you try to chase losses you will spend more time without analyzing and it will lead you to more losses.

Have a time limit for your gambling activities – Gambling can be very addictive. Once it gets like this, it is no longer enjoyable. Have some time limit set for yourself and do not spend too much time on it.

If you stop enjoying gambling take a rest – Is gambling stressing you out or you see it does not bring the same joy anymore? It’s okay, take your time and have a rest from it. Get back to it, only when you feel you would really enjoy it.

Do not prioritize gambling over other important things – Do not stay at home and spend whole day gambling when you should be going out to see your friends or spend time with family members. Do not replace social activities with gambling.

Do not gamble when you cannot make decisions on a clear mind – If you feel angry, depressed, or upset about something, especially if it concerns money to stay away from gambling. At times like that, you cannot make the right decisions and you will end up losing money anyway.

Not sure if you are gambling responsibly? Check the signs bellow, if you relate to one or more make sure to read the advice on how to address your gambling issues.

Signs that show you have gambling issues

  • You spend most of the day gambling, or cannot think about it
  • You have cut money from other important things to have more budget for gambling
  • You come up with lies about the sums of money you spend on gambling or that you gamble at all
  • You borrow or have borrowed money for bets from friends, family members, or money lenders
  • You think you need to gamble with more money than before to feel excited
  • You are gambling until you use the last penny you have in your wallet
  • You are gambling to get back the money you lost on bets
  • You do not feel like attending social events and prefer to gamble instead
  • You are no longer interested in the activities you enjoyed before
  • You are getting frustrated when you lose money when betting
  • You feel guilty, stressed out, worried or depressed
  • Friends and family members are expressing their concern, pointing out you have a gambling addiction.

What to do if you have gambling issues?

If you have ticked one or several signs above, do not feel stressed. There are many ways you can address your gambling issues and go back to responsible gambling where the fun, excitement, and joy are all in the place.

If you find yourself in that position, when you have gambling problems, you can get help from your bookmaker that will ensure you are gambling responsibly.

Set cap on deposit limits –  You can set a limit on how much money you can deposit on your account with the bookmaker. You can limit yourself for one day, for 7 days for up to a month. Once you set a cap it activates immediately.  But If you want to increase it back, it will take 24 hours.

Activate a time check – You can set the feature called reality check alerts that enables you to monitor how much time you are spending when playing on betting site. The alert will pop and inform you about the time.

Money reality check – this is another feature that gives you the report on your account history. You can check how much money you have deposited and see how many withdrawal you have made. This helps you to analyze how much money you spend on gambling and encourages you to keep an eye on your transactions.

Block access to the website – If you feel like the above features are not effective, you can request a cool off period with some bookmakers. With this feature, you can block access to the website for some time, it can be from one day to 30 days.

Take a longer brake – You might find out you need to take a longer break from your gambling activities. Bookmakers can block your access to their products if you request it. Such self-exclusion can be used for a longer period starting from six months to several years.

These tips and features will help you overcome your gambling issues and go back to responsible gambling whenever you want. Remember, gambling must be a fun and exciting activity you enjoy without any stress.

Are you seeking help?

It is not easy to face your gambling issues on your own, this is why Gamblers Anonymous offers professional assistance during its one-on-one sessions.

If you do not know where to start, probably BeGambleAware is the best place. The website helps you understand whether you really have a problem with gambling and suggests how to get it fixed.

Similar to Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare provides professional assistance for those who require counseling with tackling their excessive gambling. The company operates as a charity and offers its services distantly.

If you are located outside of Great Britain and still looking to get help and counseling, Gambling Therapy is a good place to start. The organization helps with understanding the gambling problem and possible ways of fixing it.