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Pros and Cons: Macau v. Vegas

You've decided that the next big adventure you take will be to the casinos!

It's a big decision since you may lose at least five-hundred dollars at the slots or even playing a few rounds of poker or blackjack.

When you think of casinos, your mind immediately jumps to Vegas the Sin City with the famous saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

Don't just pack your bags for Vegas yet, though. You might want to consider going to Macau's casinos instead. Casino Sites make a strong case in favor of the Chinese gambling center, which has been growing in prominence over the last decade or so.

A brief rundown of Macau if you haven't heard of it:
- Macau is in an autonomous territory of the Republic of China
- It became a gambling spot in 2002
- Its revenue have soared past Vegas

Before booking your plane or trip to Macau, consider the pros and cons between the two places.

Pros and Cons: Macau v. Vegas

If you're trying to get pure entertainment value out of your casino trip, Macau is not the place to go. Vegas has glamorous live shows, strip clubs, dance bars, and other types of activities to keep you occupied even when you are done gambling.

Macau is much more somber, attractive many serious gamblers. They think of this place as a finance venture.

If you have a small budget for gambling, Vegas is actually the cheaper option! Macau has almost double the amount for a minimum bet at a round of blackjack, which is around forty US dollars. And slots where you can put in pennies are nearly nonexistent in Macau.

Macau's economy and business thrives on its casinos, so that may be why the minimum bets are so high. They market themselves for the elite and wealthy people, even though the stay per week in Vegas is almost three times as expensive.

If you want to drink and gamble, or take a night off from gambling and grab a few drinks, it's not possible in Macau. In Macau casinos, they do not serve alcoholic beverages. The only served beverage is usually tea, and if you get lucky you might be able to buy a pepsi.

Don't let these differences sway you from your original choice though! Think about what you want to get out of your gambling trip and which place will offer it.

Macau vs Vegas Pros and Cons

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