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Premium Betting Tips 10.06.2019.

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2019-06-10 09:Jun:22

Hello guys, how are you today? These days we have the opportunity to watch national teams on the field and to see what we can expect from them. I can’t help myself not to look back at matches that are finished but left a rather strong impression on me. I have to say that some teams have disappointed me very much, maybe “disappointed and frustrated” are small words to describe it.

Let’s start with Germany, the team that was champion, a team with exceptional individuals. I gave them my trust hoping that they will have a good match with more than three goals …and what happens? They aren’t able to score one more goal, it’s just incredible, and I watched the whole match. I wished in the end for Belarus to give them two goals, they honestly deserved it. Germany’s game was totally disappointing for me, and there are players who play in the best clubs. They drag that ball on the field, they are struggling, and they wait for the referee to end the match. I could write about their boring game all day, a whole day indeed, but they don’t deserve to devote them these letters. Despair, this is the word I am going to finish this section about them, despair.

Next, France went to Turkey to watch the match, and so it was, they watched as the Turks played. They watched. Hey, somebody needs to remind them that they are world champions? How did you win that title? Where were your players during the match? They looked like a group of tourists, and as such, they played. Turkey played tactically smart, with a desire. They have sent them back home, so when they learn how to play the can come back. A disaster, that’s a word for them.

Another national team that has left a strong impression on me is Ukraine. They crashed the Serbian team with 5-0, maybe it should be even more. They played with them like with children, it’s just incredible that the Serbian team has a coach who doesn’t even have coaching experience? Who leads these people, where is this football going, and what the heck is this? Ukraine showed them the way home, they showed them how football is played. Congratulations to everyone.

According to me, the winners for the weekend are Belarus, Turkey, and Ukraine. Let them continue to play with such a big heart. This was all for today. Honestly, I don’t want to waste my words on individuals who didn’t deserve it. Best regards. B.

Premium betting tips 10.06.2019

Easy Tips

Match Tip Odd
Poland – Israel 1 1.55
Serbia – Lithuania Over2.5 1.50

Medium Tips

Match Tip Odd
Spain – Sweden 1/1 1.70
B.93 – Aarhus 1 1.80

Hard Tips

Match Tip Odd
Macedonia – Austria X 3.20
Bulgaria – Kosovo X 3.20

Betting events

  • 1 – Home team to win;
  • X – Draw;
  • 2 – Away team to win;
  • BTTS – Both teams to score;
  • 1&HT2+ – Home team wins and score at least two goals;
  • 2&AT2+ – Away team wins and score at least two goals;
  • 1&BTTS – Home team wins and both to score;
  • 2&BTTS – Away team wins and both to score;
  • 1&O2.5 – Home team to win and Over 2.5 goals;
  • 2&O2.5 – Away team to win and Over 2.5 goals;
  • 1HT X – Draw on the first half time;
  • 1/1 – Home team lead after 1HT and win the match;
  • 2/2 – Away team lead after 1HT and win the match.

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