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The most outlandish accumulator wins the gambling world has ever seen

Whether it’s on a horse, a slot machine, a roulette wheel or any one of the million other things that you can stake a bet on, we all know deep down that the house always wins. Yet sometimes, just occasionally, somebody beats the odds. This is what makes gambling so tantalising, and it is also what made the old National Lottery tagline of “it could be you” such a triumph of simple but effective marketing.

Online casinos – be in it to win it

Whatever anyone else might say about it all being down to the fun of the game, that outside chance of gambling on a big win is also what has made online casinos such a dominant force in the modern era. You only need to turn on the television and you will see the latest UK casino bonuses being paraded before your eyes. What’s more, you have the added incentive of no deposit bonuses and free spins to get you started, which take all the gamble out of it and offer a potential return against zero risk.

Of course, a spin of the roulette wheel or a game of blackjack is tremendous fun and might yield a few pounds, but everyone dreams of that really big win. As those lottery marketers said all those years ago, it could be you – here are four people whose dreams came true.

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1) Just blame the weather

Cast your mind back to the winter of 2009/10 and you might remember it was exceptionally cold, with temperatures dropping well below -10C. This resulted in the majority of football fixtures being postponed due to frozen fields. One enterprising punter could not bear to go a week without a wager, so just for fun, he staked £40 on a 14-team accumulator that took in games across the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese leagues. It worked like clockwork and earned him a cool £117,000.

2) Backing the underdog

There are any number of ways to approach an accumulator, but to stand any hope, you need to follow the form, right? Not necessarily. In our second example someone who was either inspired or insane took on a 9-game accumulator, and in seven he backed the outsider. These included Wolves to beat Chelsea, Blackburn to beat Liverpool and other unlikely scenarios. Somehow it worked, and his £2.50 stake generated a £272,000 win.

3) 14 years, to run concurrently

No, it’s not a prison sentence, it’s the strange story of a gambler who didn’t just make one season-long bet, he made 14. In a single year, he correctly predicted the winning teams in 14 leagues across Europe, winning £500,000 from a 30p wager.

4) Merry Christmas

Half a million in a single year is impressive, but it was beaten by the football fan who managed to win £585,000 in a single weekend, and all from an 85p stake. This 19-game accumulator takes the cake as the most remarkable of all time – unless, of course, you know better.

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