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New Vs. Old Casino Payment Methods

Among the key features to check when joining an online casino are the payment methods. They are associated with the iGaming world and can improve the casino’s reputation. Due to the technology accretion, payment systems are revolutionizing and are enhancing the reputation of the gambling industry.

Despite the invasion of the new banking options in the casino sites, the old systems have increasingly continued to gain popularity amongst the gamblers. After all, the online casino users have their personal choice and needs. In the goal to help them make an easier decision, this article summarizes the old versus innovative casinos payment methods


Pay by Phone Bill

Considered to be more convenient to the customers, Phone bill options are becoming one of the most popular ways to fund. As it is straightforward and does not require complicated procedures, the users can save time and money. To deposit on pay by phone bill casinos, they just use their phone and send a text message with the amount of fund they wish to transfer. Moreover, the major concern of the gamblers is the credit card and identity fraud. What’s great about the mobile payments in online casino is that the consumers no longer need to divulge their personal information and bank details when making a transaction.


A virtual and digital currency is still a controversial subject in some online casinos since they have opposed using it as a banking option. However, many casino sites accept moving funds with this solution. The widely-known is bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency offers free transfer to the users. Besides, one of the important benefits of this digital technology is 100% confidentiality on each transaction they make. As the Cryptocurrency is created by the anonymous person or group, paying charges or fees is not necessary.

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Other Mobile Payment Methods

Innovative banking options have recently been released thanks to the evolution of technology. Two of the most popular mobile wallets are Google Pay and Apple Pay letting the users deposit through their mobile devices. Concerning Apple Pay, you can download the app on your mobile phone to move money. As for Google Pay, it is also available on Android phones. One of the main benefits of choosing these two mobile payment systems is their simplicity in which the transactions will take them within a few seconds.



The first e-Wallet appeared in the 1990s and they called also the digital wallet. They have dominated the gambling industry and still widely used in the gambling industry. Among the most popular are PayPal, EcoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller that are available in many territories as they are renowned to be trustworthy and straightforward. In fact, online casinos that accept PayPal deposits are that most reliable providers in the world cause it’s very hard to prove PayPal company that you are a reliable operator. So there is no worry about the disclosure of your personal information and banking account details.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are traditional payment solutions that are utilized by most of the people around the world. In spite of the various modern methods, almost the internet casinos include this system for its simplicity. The players just recorded their bank information and can deposit to their favourite casinos. MasterCard and Visa are the most popular but there are other interesting cards depending on what country you live. Depositing takes instantaneous but cashing out process varies between 1 and 5 days.

Prepaid Cards

The difference between the usual debit cards and the prepaid cards is that these latter are not attached to any bank account. Prepaid cards system or “stored-value cards”, is common for countries and has been existed for many years. Today several types of them are available but the two well-known are semi-closed and closed prepaid cards. Like any other options, prepaid cards deposit is instantaneous but the funds that you deposit are limited which can be profitable or disadvantageous depending on the players. The most popular provider is this niche is Paysafecard.

New vs Old Casino Payment Methods


Undeniably, the online gambling firm is a fast evolving sector where there are always innovative features to make the fans’ gambling experience more diverting. Among them is the casino payment service that has become closer to the customers. In the past, you had to move when making a transaction but recently numerous services have been introduced which are convenient and reliable. The gamblers who always look for something new will be satisfied with these innovative systems. In spite of their progression, the old systems have remained attractive.

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