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Mighty Tips is a sports news website which can help you with betting. It is a Web Site dedicated to providing useful tips for betting. Our previews and analyses contain useful and specific information for people who are interested in sports, more precisely, football. You can find news about players, injuries, teams, statistics, betting odds. On our website you can find very much useful tips which will help you to make money. Our team analyze football matches in detail and provides you preview with final prediction.

In case you want to become a part of our team because you think you can help other people with your analyzes, feel free to to contact us and we will make sure to get beck to you shortly. I you have any other question please send us an email.

Meet the Team

Mighty Tipster

Mighty Tipster

Co-founder and editor
An experienced sports columnist, analyst and author with focus on football. He began covering sports while still a student and really enjoys what he is doing. Also he likes to place bets on his betting tips.

contact: mightytipster@mightytips.com



Editor and author
Baxter is an experienced sports writer and analyst, focusing on football, especially on Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga fixtures. He likes to write about football predictions and very risky betting tips, but with very high odds.

contact: baxter@mightytips.com



Bernard Budzynski is sports writer and analyst, focusing in football betting analysis. Benny is an experienced writer for all kind of news that include football leagues across Europe. His career started in December 2012 as news and betting writer for Premier League and La Liga fixtures.

contact: bbudzynski@mightytips.com



Author and illustrator
Steven Heimans studied law and has since worked with a number of sports websites as a freelance sports writer.

contact: stevenheimans@mightytips.com

Coming soon

Ingmar Kellerman

Sports journalist
Ingmar Kellerman was sports journalist for five years and after he decided to commit himself completely to Bundesliga analysis.

contact: ingmarkellerman@mightytips.com