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Legend of Rome tonight will stand on the other side

After eight years at London Ashley Cole moved to the Rome.This year,Roma would be very seriously included in the fight for the Scudetto. They have a well coordinated team that has a very strong defense and they hardly conceding goals. Tonight, they played against Fiorentina which also have a good team, and we will see very attractive match.

Legend of Rome, Vicenco Montela, tonight will stand on the other side. Montella is a modern coach, who makes his teams play very, very well. In this season, his team has a desire to be qualify for the Champions League and seriously thwart the plans of the main favorites for Scudetto. They are a very good start preparatory part of the season and made a large number of victories. They are well-coordinated team which knows how to score a goal. But can it still be enough against Rome who knows how to keep his goal while at the same score one goal more.

This is the beginning of the competition and it is certain that both teams will enter the match very carefully. Fiorentinina's players are very quick and very easy could be a danger for Romans goal if hosts start very offensive. Tonight we expect a spectacle and maybe a big surprise.

Possible starting lineups:

Roma vs Fiorentina lineups

We expect that both team scoring, but we think that Fiorentina can score one goal more tonight.