CS:GO predictions

CS:GO or Counter-Striker: Global Offensive has grown as an eSport, and as a betting option. As with many other eSports, two teams battle to win. It’s a multiplayer first-person shooter, comparable to Call of Duty. There are Map objectives to complete and targets to eliminate if a team wants to score a point for that round.

Understanding the gameplay is essential for CS:GO betting predictions, and on this page, you’ll learn how MightyTips’ team of experts use that knowledge to provide you with eSports betting tips. You can access a forecast for upcoming CS:GO events, and discover more about the data behind the predictions.

Most importantly, you’ll find out how to predict a win in CS:GO. Taking a tip from an expert is certainly part of the formula.

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How We Provide Our CS: GO Tips

Our CS: GO tips are designed to be useful. If you simply want an expert resource to tell you the basics, then you’ll find what you need on this predictions page. Each listing includes the date and time of the event, team names, and our winner pick. Where possible, we’ll also provide you with some good value odds to place a wager, and you can see the outcome of the votes on the prediction as well.

The short version of the tip gives you enough information if you want to place a money line bet. However, you might want to read more to help justify your bet or to use the data for other types of CS: GO bets, like:

  • Moneyline match-winner
  • Over/under
  • Total rounds
  • Group winner
  • Group of winner
  • Region winner
  • Special bets like map betting, first blood, or knife round

CS: GO gambling tips featured here focus mostly on the money line bets, the one where a bettor has to pick the winner. However, the statistics and analysis within each prediction can be used to make a call on other aspects of the game. Over/under bets usually focus on the team scores, so you can use the stats about their track records to predict the outcome.

Other useful data would be a team’s recent track record on a particular map. The game is played in the best of 30 rounds format. Looking at past wins and team line ups can try to predict the total rounds. If you think one team is a strong favorite, it might be not the best idea to bet on them. But you could predict a lower number of rounds as they’ll get to 16 quite quickly.

What We Present

The CS: GO betting tips gurus don’t want all of their hard work to be disregarded. That’s why they work hard to deliver the predictions in an easy and accessible way.

Besides the at-a-glance listings, you’ll find the detailed view of each prediction packed with graphics, tables, and statistics. It’s not only a scientific setup, though; the analysis draws and interprets the data to give an overall impression on who will win.

The idea is to set up your thinking so that you can come to your own conclusions, while also being able to understand what goes into making a prediction. Of course, you want to know the main details of the match, but the team line up and recent head to head results add something extra, which can give you the confidence to place a bet one way or the other.

Our CS: GO Expert Tips

As much as we’d like to think that you could become a CS: GO expert overnight, you can’t. Each year new changes arrive, and what happened one month isn’t necessarily a good prediction for what will happen the next. This means that a strong understanding of the game, combined with a few years’ experience, is the recipe for CS: GO expertise.

The best teams for the CS: GO betting predictions in 2020 definitely don’t look like they did this time last year. Top players and teams rise and fall, which makes it exciting but challenging to make predictions. The top teams like Astralis, Cloud9, and FaZe are now making way for Team Liquid, ENCE, and FURIA. There isn’t any 100% certainty, but as an expert, you can get used to the changes to be able to work out what could come next.

As well as looking at our predictions here are some more general rules to follow:

  • Individual skill helps but a cohesive team wins games
  • Pay attention to map strength
  • Combine research with the right odds for a bigger payout
  • Watch games and track your bets

Star players can win their teams some close matches in CS: GO, but those with excellent communication, and ones that work well together often go on to be the best teams. This means paying attention to the whole team roster and its changes is key.

Once you’ve placed a bet, make sure you watch the game, learn more about the playstyles, and note whether your ideas were right. If it’s the best of three, each team only gets one map veto before the other team picks.

Knowing map strengths and weaknesses can have a big impact on your decision. The main point of using expert tips and your own research is to use all that information to find a good value bet. That means you’ll also need to find the odds where you can use your knowledge to get some juicy profits.

Trust Is Crucial

We want you to have faith in the expert’s CS: GO betting tips and tricks, but we also want to hear what you think. That’s why there are ways for you to give us some feedback.

This can be done through the star ratings for the eSports experts, which helps to show us and you how well they perform over time. You can also vote to say if you agree or disagree with an individual prediction to share your thoughts with the CS: GO betting community.

Leagues We Cover

There are a number of CS: GO pro leagues and other teams competing in online and offline events, which means there are lots of CS: GO bets available from eSports bookmakers. As with all sports, it doesn’t make sense to bet on every option available. Instead, you should focus your attention on the areas where you have the most knowledge.

The CS: GO events with the most attention, and therefore the most CS: GO betting tips are the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships. Also known as the Majors, these tournaments have a big prize pot and a lot of prestige. You’ll find tips in the lead up to the events, such as the ESL One Rio Major in November 2020.

In between the championships, you’ll find exciting games in the LOOT.BET season and the tips for these CS: GO games will appear on our site to help you work out who can avoid elimination and succeed in the playoffs.

You’ll also find games from the ESL Pro League, where teams from Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and CIS, are competing against one another.

CS: GO Tips For Today, Tomorrow, And The Weekend

A good tip needs to have up to date information. This means it should take into consideration any roster changes, recent match results, and other important stats from a team’s previous games. The best CS: GO tips take all of that information and make it available to readers, and give you a way to take action.

That’s why we post CS: GO predictions for today, and give you the best odds that we found through our analysis. You’ll also find tips for events coming up tomorrow, and for games that take place over the weekend and beyond. We gather the crucial data, and once we’re happy with the result, we share our tips so that you can take action.

Whether you prefer to tune in on Twitch or play on Steam, CS: GO betting predictions can help you place a wager that stands to give you some profits. With our in-depth research and your knowledge of the game, you can find bookmakers with competitive odds where you can place a bet on one of the most exciting eSports around.

Attention to detail can certainly help, so make sure you know the format of the competition and then find the tips that suit you. For example, predictions may be posted for the best of one or BO1 games, but knowledge and strength lie in games where there is a chance for a team to make a comeback.


If you’re interested in placing an eSports wager, then only the best CS: GO betting tips will do. Here, you’ll find predictions that give you information and statistics to back up the conclusion. On top of that, the tips are held to account by you in our eSports betting community through the votes and rating system.