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France Ligue 1 Predictions and Betting Tips 25.04.2015.

France Ligue 1 Predictions and Betting tips 25.04.2015. and 26.04.2015.
In the next few days will be played matches 34th round of the France Ligue 1. We have many interesting and very good matches for betting. Odds on this matches are great and we must find which betting tip is better. In this round we expect many interesting matches with few very tough and exciting matches. We will analyze player's form, team's form, missing players, team's strategy, previous matches and tactics and then make football predictions and betting tips for Ligue 1 which will help us to earn money with sports betting.

On Friday will be played one very interesting match. Marseille play at home against Lorient and we will see one very interesting match. Our prediction for this match is win for Marseille and they will score at least two goals. After three lost matches Marseille must win in front of their fans. Lorient have many missing players for this match and Marseille have great chance to earn all three points. On Saturday PSG play against Lille and we believe that PSG will win on this match. Lille play very strong in defense line and maybe we will see draw on first half time. Rennes vs Nice will be one very interesting and exciting football match. Both teams have real chances to earn points on this match and we will see real fight for points. Our betting tips for this match is draw and scoring for both teams. Bordeaux play at home against Metz and they are big favorite to earn all three points in front of their fans. Caen vs Guingamp will be one very tough football match and this match maybe will not be interesting to watch but it will be great match for betting. Evian play at home against Bastia and it will be another one very exciting football match. Evian really want to win on this match but they will have very hard job on this match. Toulouse play against Nantes and they are favorite to win on this match but it will be very tough match. On Sunday we will see three very interesting matches. Saint Etienne play at home against Montpellier and we will see one very interesting match. Saint Etienne are in better form but also Montpellier play very attractive football. Monaco will play away match against Lens and they will win for sure. On Sunday evening Lyon play away match against Reims and we expect great football match. We will see one very open game with lots of chances on both sides. Our prediction for last match in this round of Ligue 1 is win for Lyon and for sure Lyon will score at least two goals.

Have a nice betting days and enjoy in great matches in this round. For sure you can choose football tips for betting which can help you to earn money. Below you can see our football predictions for Ligue 1 for all matches. Good luck in earning money.

Friday, 24.04.2015.
19:30 Marseille vs Lorient

Saturday, 25.04.2015.
16:00 Paris Saint Germain vs Lille
19:00 Rennes vs Nice
19:00 Bordeaux vs Metz
19:00 Caen vs Guingamp
19:00 Evian Thonon Gaillard vs Bastia
19:00 Toulouse vs Nantes

Sunday, 26.04.2015.
13:00 Saint Etienne vs Montpellier
16:00 Lens vs Monaco
20:00 Reims vs Lyon

France Ligue 1 Tips. Matchday 34

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France Ligue 1

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France Ligue 1 Prediction and Betting Tips 25.04.2014.