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E-Sports Betting in the UK is becoming a thing

As forms of entertainment e-Sports and e-Sports betting are proving to be irresistible to audiences in the UK. In less than a decade the e-Sports industry has risen from being a specialized niche to become one of the most lucrative businesses with mass appeal. E-Sport betting sites present convenient opportunities to win money from competitive matches taking place in an unprecedented choice of games. Most of the eSport bookies are available on mobiles and tablets making it easier than ever to place a bet and keep track of the best odds available.

Impartial Reviews

However, not all online betting sites offer the same services or provide access to all types of games. If you're a newcomer, you'll be confronted by a bewildering array of betting sites that include a variety of welcome bonuses, promotions and special features. If you know what to look for you can take advantage of the intense rivalry between the different sites to benefit from valuable offers and make more money. With the many bookies available it can, however, take a great deal of time and effort to locate the best e-Sports betting sites. To save yourself the trouble, you can access impartial reviews and detailed information at fan made eSport betting communities such as eBetFinder. On these you'll discover everything you need to know about the best e-Sports betting sites in the UK.

Easy Access

Many people choose e-Sports betting for the convenience, freedom and flexibility the format provides. You can check real-time betting odds and place bets from any location at any time of day or night, every day of the year. Most online betting sites can be accessed from your smartphone through sophisticated, downloadable applications in iOS or Android formats. Flexible payment options include debit or credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Superior SSL security systems with encryption coding ensure that your personal data and transactions are protected and free from fraud. In addition, e-Sports betting sites actively encourage a responsible attitude towards gambling. On your online dashboard you'll find an adjustable betting limit facility that enables you to impose your own betting allowance for each day or week.

Bonus Offers

Through e-Sports betting sites traditional casino games such as slots, roulette and poker are increasing in popularity as people discover how easy it is to place bets on competitive games. Bookies usually have a wide selection of bonuses available and special offers can include risk free bets, free spins on slots or extra money of up to 300% on your deposit. Some sites even have no deposit bonuses where you can get free money by just creating an account with them. If you shop around you can also find offers that include a double or treble multiplication of the odds on a bet of your choice.


The e-sports betting industry in the UK has been pushed forward by the popularity of competitive games such as Counter Strike GO and Dota 2. Fans can enjoy additional excitement from these titles by placing bets on different aspects of the action going down when professional teams are playing, such as the winner of the match or the outcome of a particular phase of it. The odds for these games are calculated in fractions or decimals and are displayed in figures such as 5/10 or 1.5. If math isn't your strong point betting sites usually provide calculators and the formulas to help you work out your potential winnings.

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Through e-Sports betting sites you are able to access traditional casino games, check on the latest sports betting odds and gamble on competitive games. If you got the skill you can win more than enough to make your online hobby a self-financing one. With convenient, flexible formats and an amazing range of different odds selections, e-Sports betting is now one of the most popular online pastimes in the UK.

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