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Does an optimal video poker strategy exist?

Video poker machines and software have always been an attractive alternative to playing slot machines. Although they don’t have the glitz and the glamour of video slots, with their high-definition visuals and audio, they still offer a great opportunity to land big jackpots. In fact, not enough people are aware that you are around five times more likely to land a sizeable jackpot playing video poker than you are playing at a slot machine. Video poker can be a useful way of playing through an online casino bonus, as the odds are only slightly in favour of the house.

Video Poker Strategies

Is there a way to beat these machines?

Subsequently, if you adopt an optimal video poker strategy, you can catch the best value odds and maximise your gameplay. So, in answer to the article’s question, yes there is an optimal way to play video poker games. This quick-fire article is designed to arm you with all the information you need to attack these games and give yourself the best possible chance of landing those big prizes.

It’s all about the video poker pay tables

If you are looking to play video poker online, you have one big advantage in your favour. You can view the expected returns for every video poker game or machine before you start playing. All video poker games are required to make their pay tables visible. Consider it as free information that you can use to find the video poker games that offer the most lucrative pay tables and the smallest house edges in favour of the casinos.

Although the “Deuces Wild” video poker games typically offer the best return to player (RTP) percentage in land-based casinos, this is not always the case online. Jacks or Better is still considered the gold-standard of Video Poker with some iGaming operators allowing players to return 99.54% of their bets using an optimal strategy over the long-term. An RTP of 99.54% means that for every £100 you wagered on the game, you should receive £99.54 back. Imagine being able to lose only £0.46p for every £100 you spend trying to land the royal flush maximum jackpot!

Look out for a ‘full pay’ video poker game

Aside from video poker pay tables, it is also vital that you understand the importance of a “full pay” video poker game. This means the machine offers the highest possible payouts for the maximum jackpots such as the royal flush jackpot. Some video poker games are not programmed to pay out the maximum jackpots. It’s the “9/6” games that you need to look out for: paying 9x your wager for a full house and 6x your wager for a flush.

Video Poker

A ‘full pay’ video poker game is better than any loose slot

Wager the maximum bet to cash in on royal flush jackpots

Once you have found the video poker games that pay out the maximum jackpots and offer the smallest house edges, you need to give yourself the best possible chance of making a big profit from the game. The best way to do so is to always bet the maximum with every hand. The best video poker games will generally pay out 4,000x your wager for a royal flush jackpot. However, if you wager much less than the maximum, you are reducing the maximum jackpot available. Of course, given the need to wager the maximum to maximise royal flush jackpots, it’s highly recommended that you only play the video poker games with wagering limits that allow you to comfortably do so within the confines of your bankroll. This is a safer approach that keeps gaming responsible and doesn’t put you at financial risk.

Video poker hand ranking cards

If you want to have some guidance whilst you play, you are most definitely in luck. The internet is full of video poker strategy charts, created by experts that have analysed every single hand that can appear on-screen and combined their findings into charts that educate players on the best hands to play to give them the best statistical chance of landing a big jackpot. Look out for strategy charts that offer the most statistical accuracy, often to within 0.1-0.2% of perfect play and you won’t go far wrong.

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