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Can HSV will hammer newcomers at Bundesliga

HSV is the only club never to have been relegated from the Bundesliga. Many people think that they could be at the top of the table this year and will certainly play in Europe next year. They start season with one point against Koln, but they had much more chances on that match. They have a really good players and they will win today. Today they will hammer newcomers in Bundesliga.

Their coach said: "We have sold almost 52,000 tickets already and our coming home games are also due to be sell-outs. I expect my team therefore to show they have a convincing winning mentality. We need to treat every game as if it's a final. That's the only way we are going to win back our fans' faith."

Paderborn coach Andre Breitenreiter knows what it feels like to run out in the former Parkstadion, having spent three years as a player with the northern Germany side. He said: "I'm really looking forward to going back,I had some fantastic years there, also playing in Europe. These are the kind of games it's really worth playing in. HSV play with good organisation and are looking considerably more solid now."

HSV has a very good and well-coordinated team and this season will play very well and should not be struggling with weak teams at their own stadium when they are complete. Paderborn has major problems with the first team because they are missing two key players for their attack.

Possible starting lineups:
HSV - Paderborn lineups

Today HSV will hammer Paderborn and score three or more goals.