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Can Dortmund start of the season better

Can Dortmund start of the season better. In the first match of the season they lose without scoring goal by Bayer Leverkusen on their own stadium. Can they fix that and win against Augsburg. They must try and they will start attack from the first minute of this match.

Last season they played very well in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. This season, they lost several key players but still have a fantastic team. The team that can parry Bayern in the conquest of the title Bundesliga champion.

Augsburg is a very careful team and they will play closed because they are worse team than Dortmund. They will try to lurking their chances on the counterattack, because they know that Dortmund to chase the a goal from the first minute. They have managed to hassle the strong opponents last season, and certainly not a team to be underestimated.

Jurgen Klopp said next:
"These are two teams who can do a lot better than they've shown so far,'' said Klopp at a press conference. We want to cause our opponents many problems so that they have to wait at least another week to get back on track. We need the points, and my team thinks the same. We've got to show our true colours."

Markus Weinzier, Augsburg’s coach:
"If we are to beat them, then we need a perfect day, But then we are capable of creating an upset."

Possible starting lineups:

Augsburg - Dortmund lineups

We believe that Dortmund will not lose this match but can they achieve enough goals to win. In any case, we believe that they need to score at least two goals for win.