Basketball Predictions

Basketball Predictions

Here at MightyTips.com, we are very serious about doing correct sports betting predictions, and we feel that we should not limit ourselves to football only. Hence, in this section, we would like to present you with the basketball betting tips free of charge — whether you are looking for college hoops picks or NBA predictions — we have got it all.

Please scroll down below to get valuable basketball tips of the day you are interested in – today, tomorrow or even weekend.

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How our basketball tips work

At the MightyTips.com, you will always find basketball bettings tips for today as we publish our predictions 48 hours before the game starts. Therefore, at 100% chance basketball betting tips for tomorrow will be available as well. If you are looking for basketball betting tips for the weekend, please check our website on Thursdays – Fridays.

Once you navigate to the “Predictions” tab in the menu of MightyTips.com, you will see 4 sub-menu items:

  • For Today
  • For Tomorrow
  • For The Weekend
  • By Leagues

These filters are made for easier navigation across the website as there might be over 100 games on the home page right before the weekend. This filter menu helps you select the most relevant game to bet on as well as it displays live odds from the most trusted bookies.

Basketball betting tips and predictions attract much money and everyone wants to get a part of that pie. Good news is that with our experts on your side, your chances of winning a bet grows up significantly. Our passionate basketball experts help you with predictions that are updated daily and come absolutely free so that you may get the best tips without any strings attached.

Which leagues we cover

Currently, our basketball tips of the day will be limited to:

  • NBA
  • FIBA
  • EuroLeague
  • Eurocup
  • Liga ACB

Basketball is one of the fastest-growing sports globally. Today, professional basketball is not played only in North America and Europe. Other regions like Eastern Asia, South America, Australia, and Northern Africa are taking giant steps forward in making their leagues more attractive to the fans all over the globe.

Yet, we expect to expand the number of covered leagues in the nearest future. We will also be devoting a fair share of attention to provide you with women’s basketball predictions as well as the best basketball tips so that you can understand the game even better. Besides that, soon, we will be introducing pages dedicated to basketball predictions under/over and NBA picks against the spread.

Basketball predictions as a game of information

Betting is the game of information so that every missing player will have major importance. If the top players skip the game, the team will be weaker, so maybe we will have to change our basketball prediction.

Some teams are playing in European cups. An increase in the number of games will impact teams that have a smaller number of valuable players.
Another essential thing to analyze is the form of every team and every crucial player. Everyone who bet should know that a weaker team in a better form will always have a reasonable chance to win against stronger opposition. That is true in all sports, not just in basketball.

What to bet on in basketball?

The main idea of betting in basketball is to predict who the winner will be. No surprise these are the most common outcomes around the world. However, the missing option of a draw in the game, which results in relatively low odds for 12 betting, had caused to spread betting to be the second most popular type of bet in basketball. The point spread betting is actually somehow similar to asian handicap model in football. Simply, you will have to pick a winner, but with an offered point handicap.

Under/over or totals is one more type of basketball bet. For each game, bookies are giving us the total number of points that teams will score combined. Daily, our basketball experts will guess if the total number of points will go over or under a given line.

What’s here except free basketball picks

If you are not only interested in our basketball predictions, we have got more to offer. At MightyTips.com you can access a tremendous amount of footie predictions, read the reviews of the most trusted bookmakers, check live odds and live scores for the hottest games, and get an extra bang for your buck with our exclusive bonuses.

Do not limit yourself to the basketball picks only – dive deeper into sports betting with MightyTips and get to know betting options for other sports too.


? Is it possible to watch basketball live streams while betting on matches?

Yes, it is. There are some bookmakers that provide the possibility of watching live streams as long as you have some money in your account.

? Is it possible to bet on a league other than the NBA?

Of course. There are basketball leagues from all over the world. You can bet on European leagues, South American leagues, Asian leagues and also the NBA.

? How do I choose the best match to place a wager on?

As there are many matches available, the best option is always to choose the teams you know best. Using our tips, you can decide whether to bet on your favorite teams, for example.

? What other options do I have other than the 1x2 market?

A great option for those who want to escape from this common market is to bet on the total points. Most bookmakers offer this market and it has some very interesting odds.

? Are there any bonuses for basketball betting?

There are some bookmakers that offer basketball bonuses. Some offer free bets and others have early match payouts. In addition, you can always use the welcome bonuses.




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