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Hello, happy to see you here!

Let me tell you shortly about myself. Just like everyone here on Mighty Tips, and I too have been in love with football all my life. I was even playing it for quite a time but then I found out that I am much more successful in talking and writing about it than actually playing in the field. As a fan of football there was hardly any match in the main leagues I was not watching. Usually, the match went down with a couple of friends and a couple of beers. From the very beginning, I had a habit of talking while watching football, I’d make a bunch of comments on what was happening on the field, voice my thoughts on the outcome and predict the details of a match. Except, unlike most people, I was actually good at it. This habit gave me my first job as a sports writer at the local media while I was still studying at the faculty of Journalism.

Even though I was very good at writing about sports, what I did the best was betting analyses. Soon enough the skill impressed my friends and became my passion. Sooner still it became my full-time job. I enjoy analyzing football matches from different perspectives and making betting predictions as precise as possible.

I do enjoy watching all the major premier league, but Bundesliga is still my all-time favorite and I specialize in making betting predictions for them. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, but if you prefer other leagues, worry not! You will definitely find betting predictions for your favorite league on Mighty Tips.