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Hello, football fan,

Mr Jason B welcomes you here. Chances are that most of the predictions about Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga you have read on Mighty Tips are written by myself. As an Englishman, I was born with a love of football. As far as my memory goes I remember myself with a ball, my room was full of football posters, and T-shirts of my favorite players. I have been enjoying my family time watching matches and as you could already guess, football plays a big role in my life.

Being an observant watcher I soon started making predictions on the games. While watching matches with friends I would always come up with predictions that seemed unrealistic at the moment and friends would call me crazy. But in the end, my predictions were right most of the time. Being encouraged by the results, I decided to turn something I loved into a profession and help others make the right predictions to enjoy the match even more.

I decided I wanted to be part of the football world at an early age. This led me to study journalism at Cardiff University and become a full-time sports writer and analyst. Even today, I do not hold myself from being risky. I make unlikely predictions and give risky betting tips. If you are searching for the highest odds especially when it comes to Premier League, you already know whom to ask.