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Adventures with Robin Hood Slot

Slot games are really simple, becoming and fun! Such games involve sliding of a few dollars into the machine. You then either pull the handle or push a button, the reels spin while the music plays. At the end of the game, you either win or lose. Robin Hood Slot is an intriguing game loved by masses. The Robin Hood Slots feature Robin Hood, a popular legendary hero in the English folklore. He was often portrayed as robbing from the rich and giving it to the poor.

About the Game and its Makers

The proud developer of the game is none other than the leading pioneer of providing premium gaming solutions to world’s most successful online casino giants, NetEnt. The Robin Hood Slot Machine has an interface having different features; three rows, five reels, various symbols, twenty win lines, background graphics, and sound and amazing 3D effects. The game has evolved for a memorable fun. In embarking the childhood of Robin Hood, the player needs to spin the reels to gather archers and knights as he/she attempts to collect Moneybags possessed by the rich and earn credits by directly depositing them to the players account. The game is also equipped with about ten levels of betting as well as distinct coin values that can be readjusted according to the player’s preferences.

What’s so special about this game?

The player should click the green button after deciding on the most convenient bet and the spinning will begin immediately. A player can press the spin button if in need to expeditiously stop the reels or speed up which makes the game more efficient and fun. A superb feature of the game is the shifting reel which takes effect each moment a winning combination is made. The right-hand reel of the slot suddenly disappears and is replaced by another one on the left side. This enables the player to build up substantial winnings up to and until no more combinations can be made and therefore go back to the initial step of spinning the reels. Understanding the game and how to play it, gets one to have the real fun. See this site for big bonuses on Robin Hood slot.

Some bonus features of the Game

Another important aspect of this game is the Money Bags that give you the chance to get more spins by collecting different bags of money. Robin Hood Slots give players a series of classical advantages, particularly the unending bonuses and other frequent free spins. If the player continues making winning combinations, he is bound to acquire free re-spins which come along with rewarding multipliers. This shifting reel advantage can accumulate enormous wins for the player. If a player makes efficient moves while playing, then this game is a sure shot for fun and bagging huge amounts of money!

Robin Hood Online Slot

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