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The A-Z of The Grand National

Famous the world over as the highlight of the U.K racing calendar, the Grand National is a must-see event for many punters who make the trip to Liverpool in order to watch the sport of kings. Whether you go to dress to the nines and look your best on Ladies Day, you plan to spend the day in the Red Rum garden drinking with friends or you’re looking to have a cheeky flutter after checking the Grand National odds from Betfair to get the best deal. But with such a long and storied history, there’s going to be many events and stories you haven’t heard yet unless you’re a truly diehard race fan. That’s why we’ve got this excellent infographic that goes through 26 alphabetically inspired stories from the National to catch you up.

It goes over a few of the horses that you ought to know, including the most famous R in horse racing, Red Rum, the three times Grand National winner. But do you know who was the winner of the first Grand National? Starting with an L, the winner of the first national was the appropriately named Lottery who also has the record for carrying the most weight two years later at a whopping 13 stone 4lbs! But if you’re a bit of a racing fan you’ll probably know those two, what about the slowest horse to ever win the National? The fastest winning time belongs to Mr. Frisk, but the slowest? Their name is Zoedone, fittingly, the last letter of the alphabet for the slowest winner the National has yet seen.

What about international entrants? The race may be run in England but people from all over the world can enter and race. The first international winning horse is also the pick for the H fact, the mighty Huntsman who came from France! While France has but in a decent showing since then, they can’t hold a candle to the pure dominant force that is the Irish, with 16 National wins under their belts, the Emerald Isle has put in the strongest performance outside of Britain itself. Wales, for contrast, has had one horse trained by them win the National all the way back in 1905. If you’re curious, this noble beast was called Kirkland.

For a few more facts and a full Alphabet to sort the, just read on!

A-Z of The Grand National

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