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5 Top Gambling Tips for Beginners

Research, Practice, and Tread Carefully: 5 Top Gambling Tips for Beginners

Getting started at gambling can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. With all the various games available to play from roulette to slots, bets to make from accumulators to outrights, and not forgetting the multitude of sites to play at, it can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated. When getting started it’s a good idea to get some tips to give you a head start. Here are five of the most important pieces of advice to give you a leg up.

Shop Around

First and foremost you need to find a few sites that you want to play at. Joining more than one can be beneficial because you can take advantage of free bets and promotions at each place. Searching for the best online casino using comparison sites is the way forward, as they lay out all the various operators and their offers in one easy-to-navigate location.


If you start playing casino games or placing bets without any prior knowledge you are setting yourself up for failure. If you want to play roulette for example, find out what the odds are on each of the outcomes, look up probabilities, and think about employing a betting system to minimize risk. Or if you want to bet on horse racing, look for sources where you can garner information about the horse’s history, form, trainers and jockeys. Simply betting on a name that you like is not a sensible method.

Practice Play

It is definitely wise to opt for an online casino that gives players the option to play for free before staking money. This is particularly common with slot games, where the rules and objectives can sometimes take a bit of getting used to for a newcomer. Once you have used the practice feature for long enough and you are confident you know how the game works, then you may decide that you want to stake your own cash.

Start Small

The smartest strategy for a new gambler is to start by betting small amounts until you get a feel for how easy it is to win or lose. Just as a child learns the value of money for the first time, a bettor must understand the volatile nature of gambling. If you only bet small amounts, you limit your disappointment if you lose. Some sports bettors choose to use a matched betting method, where they make small gains but risk nothing.

Set Clear Rules

Another practical thing to do before you stake any money on anything is to draw up a clear list of guidelines that you will adhere to. Set yourself a daily betting limit, and also a figure that you will walk away on if you are winning. A lot of gamblers get fooled into thinking they are on winning streaks and then go on to lose it all. Other things to consider are not playing when you are too tired, and remaining sober and clearheaded.

Of course, these are merely starting points for beginners. As you get more accustomed to gambling you can use more intricate systems for betting or place more complex bets. Remember, going about it in a level-headed manner is key.

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